Extend the coverage of Human Attack Surface Protection services to break more attack pathways. Picnic delivers continuous threat exposure protection by monitoring and remediating exposed corporate information that could be leveraged by threat actors when planning and executing a social engineering attack chain.

Enterprise Attack Surface Protection reduces threat exposure continuously. workload. the number of security incidents. cybersecurity operational costs. |

When planning an attack, threat actors leverage OSINT not just about your people but also about your infrastructure. Enterprise Attack Surface Protection is a critical extension of Picnic’s playbook to provide comprehensive pre-attack risk identification and timely protective measures. Picnic prioritizes threat intelligence, monitors the dark web for indicators of compromise, correlates human risk data, and delivers targeted remediations to inform vulnerability patching priorities, disable attacker infrastructure, and break predicted attack pathways.

Picnic delivers security outcomes

"Having a partner who watches over us beyond our perimeter defenses and helps us harden our external attack surface gives us peace of mind. Picnic combines many disparate types of attack data into a cohesive threat graph to understand the interplay between exposed assets and the human element."
Security Leader
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
With Picnic
Without Picnic

Outcomes and benefits

  • Preempt the single largest source of breaches

    Secure work and personal identities, disrupt attacker reconnaissance and resource development, and protect your human element, business processes, and infrastructure.

  • Safeguard your people

    Protect your high-value targets, employees, and contractors from being targeted or exploited by threat actors.

  • Prioritize defenses

    Fill a critical security gap with targeted remediations informed by relevant and timely threat intelligence mapped to your workforce.

  • Personalize security coaching

    Tailor education to combat real-world threats with data-driven, risk-based social engineering training and advanced spear-phishing simulations.

  • Quantify and reduce human cyber risk

    Know and communicate your progress with comparative scoring and reporting capabilities that facilitate sharing with stakeholders at all levels.

Service capabilities and deliverables

Get started today

Move beyond the corporate perimeter to reduce human risk and proactively safeguard against cyber threats with zero effort.

Explore more use cases

Most customers start protecting their human attack surface with Picnic High-Value Target DRPS and then expand coverage.
However, every organization has different priorities and goals. Tell us yours, and we will tailor a program that meets your needs.


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