Introduction to Picnic

If you want to learn about Picnic and how we protect the human attack surface with digital risk protection services, this is the webinar to watch. Matt Polak, CEO and founder of Picnic, explains the rationale behind Picnic’s approach to reducing human risk, shows you how threat actors conduct target reconnaissance and build dossiers to craft social engineering attacks, and gives you a short demo of the dashboard where customers can visualize risk and track measurable progress toward their digital risk protection goals.

What you'll learn

  • The rationale behind Picnic’s approach to protecting the human attack surface with DRPS.
  • The type of prevention and security outcomes Picnic delivers.
  • How Picnic emulates attacker reconnaissance on your organization’s human attack surface.
  • How we analyze and measure human risk individually and at scale.
  • The type of predictive intelligence and remediations Picnic delivers and their cascading benefits.
  • Where Picnic sits in your cybersecurity defense-in-depth strategy.
  • How simple and intuitive the customer dashboard is, which helps track progress in real-time.
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