Deny threat actors the opportunity to target the human attack surface with social engineering attacks that compromise business operations.

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Most threat actors in the Energy and Utilities sector target executives, employees, and contractors with privileged technical access to operational technology (OT) and front desk employees with privileged access to information technology (IT). The main motivation of these criminal organizations is financial, and their main goal is to deploy and detonate ransomware payloads.

State-sponsored actors target the same “high-value” individuals but have a different mission: continuous reconnaissance and maintaining persistent access to critical infrastructure in preparation for any potential future conflict.

Threat actors operating in this sector rely on spear phishing and exploit infrastructure and supply chain vulnerabilities (human and technical) to execute their attack plan. But first, they conduct target reconnaissance to identify opportunities to attack and build dossiers of their intended victims by leveraging open source intelligence sources (OSINT) in the open, deep, and dark web, looking at professional and personal digital identities.

Picnic taps into the same OSINT sources hackers use, and it operates its proprietary technology to:

  • Analyze human risk
  • Predict attack pathways
  • Deliver prioritized remediations that harden your human attack surface

Prevent social engineering attacks that can impact operations. By partnering with Picnic to make your organization a hard target for attackers, you will see a quantifiable reduction in impersonation, spear phishing, and credential stuffing attacks.

Picnic delivers security outcomes

"Social engineering is a key and growing threat to industrial organizations and Picnic offers important innovations to help the community strengthen its defenses. Picnic’s team understands how threats perform reconnaissance and initial targeting against companies and has built a privacy-forward platform for organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity."
Robert M. Lee
CEO & Founder of Dragos
With Picnic
Without Picnic

Why reduce human risk, and why now?

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A third of all employees believe cybersecurity is not a top priority of theirs at work.
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Nine out of ten cyber attacks start with a phishing email.
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Almost half of the population believes an email is safe if it contains familiar branding.
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The number of cyber attacks in the Energy and Utilities sector grew more than one hundred percent in the last year.

Stop reacting. Start preempting.

A defense-in-depth strategy begins beyond traditional security controls to stop phishing, smishing, and vishing attacks before they start.

Explore our services

Most customers start protecting their human attack surface with Picnic High-Value Target DRPS and then expand coverage.
However, every organization has different priorities and goals. Tell us yours, and we will tailor a program that meets your needs.

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Move beyond the corporate perimeter to reduce human risk and proactively safeguard against cyber threats with zero effort.


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