Protect your organization against credential-stuffing attacks. Automatically prevent reuse within your organization of breached personal and corporate credentials. Picnic integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and with any identity provider via API to automatically block compromised passwords tied to your executives, employees, and contractors personal and work identities.

Breached Credential Reuse Protection prevents initial access by attackers. account takeover. identity compromise. data compromise. data loss. disruption to business operations. financial loss. reputational damage. |

When cyber defenders lack the automatic visibility and reuse prevention of corporate and personal clear-text credentials exposed in the open, deep, and dark web, they leave the door open to initial access via valid credentials.

Many employees use the same passwords across their work and personal applications. Threat actors connect personal and work identities and leverage exposed credentials, including passwords associated with employee and contractor personal accounts, for credential-stuffing attacks that provide initial access to targeted infrastructure. The 2024 X-Factor Threat Intelligence Index by IBM reported an increase of 71% yearly in the volume of attacks using valid credentials.

Picnic provides visibility and continuous monitoring of breach data to identify exposed corporate, personal, and third-party credentials and automatically prevents their reuse within the organization.

Picnic delivers security outcomes

"Identity security is very important to our operation, and with Picnic’s API, we automate credential reuse prevention and neutralize credential stuffing attacks without limitations. Picnic bridges the gap between work and personal identities, and I haven’t seen any vendor doing this. Passwords are not going away, and you can't put MFA on everything.
IT Security Leader
Utilities Company
With Picnic
Without Picnic

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Move beyond the corporate perimeter to reduce human risk and proactively safeguard against cyber threats with zero effort.

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Most customers start protecting their human attack surface with Picnic High-Value Target DRPS and then expand coverage.
However, every organization has different priorities and goals. Tell us yours, and we will tailor a program that meets your needs.


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