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Go-to-Market Partnerships

Picnic boasts fast sales cycles, easy onboarding, and quick value. MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and System Integrators benefit from our automation and expertise in OSINT and social engineering to offer digital risk protection services to their customer base with minimal effort on their part and zero effort from their customers. Let’s tackle the social engineering threat together.

Technology Partnerships

Picnic automates reconnaissance of the human attack surface, human risk analysis, and remediations outside the corporate perimeter, assisted by OSINT experts. The platform produces human risk indicators that boost the effectiveness of tools used to identify, detect, respond to, and/or remediate threats inside the corporate perimeter via integrations with IdP, IAM, SIEM, SOAR, Mail Security, Cyber Awareness Training, and other tools.

  • Integrate human risk intelligence

    Security tools gain pre-analyzed human risk intelligence from outside the traditional corporate perimeter.

  • Boost security platform capabilities

    Add new capabilities to existing technology to drive human-centric cybersecurity.

  • Enable granular controls

    Enriched user metadata enables more granular security controls that respond automatically to dynamic human risk indicators.

  • Drive interoperability

    Actions taken inside the perimeter based on risks from outside the perimeter are fed to Picnic to enable a virtuous cycle of improved risk intelligence.

  • Produce predictive prevention

    Connect detection and response to prediction and prevention for a more intelligent and human-centric approach to protecting data.

Partnership Perks

Influence the Roadmap

As a Picnic Partner, you will have direct access to our Product & Engineering leadership to influence the development of the Human Attack Surface Protection solution.

Easy & Quick Onboarding

No technical training is required, and neither you nor the customer need to perform any configuration or integration to start delivering security outcomes.

Sales & Marketing Support

Joint sales and marketing opportunities to go to market equipped with the right value proposition for the right audience at the right time.

Reports on Security Outcomes

Our work together delivers fast time to value, which is quantified and presented to the customer via regular reports showcasing human risk reduction.

Learn more about Picnic

Watch a 15-minute presentation and demo offered by Ben Andreas, VP of Pre-Sales Engineering and Managed Services. Recorded on April 2024 during a day-long virtual conference hosted by Scythe.

In this video, Ben succinctly explains what we do for customers, why we do it, and how we do it. You will get a glimpse at the underlying privacy-forward Picnic platform that powers his team’s work and which customers and partners can access.

Let's talk

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