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Solving the problem of social engineering


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Social engineering is the biggest threat vector in cyber today: every successful breach relies on it.

Existing security fails to address the root cause of social engineering: public information about people, companies, and supply chains, also known as open-source intelligence (OSINT).

About Social Engineering
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Social Engineering could not be prevented…until now

Previously, security teams have not had a capability to address OSINT data vulnerabilities, leaving them to worry about the human element.

Picnic has solved this problem

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The revolutionary Picnic platform


The result

A privacy-forward, groundbreaking technology platform that protects your people from social engineering attacks. By controlling data footprints beyond the firewall, Picnic makes each employee safer, both at work and at home, and creates an enterprise-wide ‘human firewall’ for next-generation protection.


We give you the lens of human hackers to prevent attacks

Our platform emulates attacker reconnaissance of your organization and its people. We show you what the social engineers see, tell you what they know, and automate actions to stop them proactively.

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Comprehensive data analysis

We don’t simply analyze your data in a vacuum – but rather we compare it to the universe of data that exists around it, exactly as hackers do, so you can understand not just how you might be targeted, but also why.

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Eliminate opportunity

Picnic employs multiple methods to find, evaluate, and remove data that may provide social engineers with the opportunity or motivation to attack. We uncover the places where you or someone else left valuable data that might attract thieves and provide the means for you to take it back.


Predictive analytics for attack and compromise.

Our global intelligence and data science teams have cracked the code on how threat actors conduct reconnaissance using public data. Picnic shows you how attackers can compromise your people to evade existing security and wreak havoc. With Picnic, you see what the attackers see, informing who may be targeted and how, so you can stop an attack before it happens.

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Proactively thwart attacks before they start.

Picnic automates the process of reducing risk. We integrate with existing security technologies to provide a seamless experience, and we automatically neutralize the information that attackers value so it can’t be used to craft attack-and-compromise campaigns against you and your people. Our platform includes an employee-facing application that can be offered by employers as a benefit to empower your people to reclaim their online privacy and, by extension, make your company more secure.

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Continuously monitor and protect your people, data, and assets.

Public data and attacker methods evolve constantly. Picnic continuously monitors for changes in the external environment to make your organization and its people less accessible and less valuable to attackers.

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Come upstream to the source of attacks before they happen

Stop attacks by predicting who will be targeted and how – before the attack unfolds.