Shift your cybersecurity program from detection and response to prevention to proactively protect your people and your organization against social engineering attacks.

Reduce organizational risk by 65% with zero effort

Hackers exploit OSINT, generative AI, and human vulnerabilities

Threat actors circumvent traditional cyber defenses by leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) and preying on human vulnerabilities to gain initial access to corporate infrastructure or defraud customers and supply chain contractors.

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92% of cyber attacks are specifically crafted from users’ public data.
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95% of cybersecurity breaches happen because of human error.
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90% of cyber attacks start
with a phishing email.


Picnic offers a managed service that protects those executives, employees, and contractors that threat actors will consider high-value targets of social engineering attacks. Picnic uses its proprietary technology to proactively and continuously identify and analyze human risk and deliver prioritized remediations, reducing organizational risk by 65%.

"Everyone knows the human element is the single largest attack vector and security risk. Picnic is the first solution I’ve seen that prioritizes who inside the organization will be targeted and how based on human attack surface data. I believe Picnic changes the game for security teams."
Chris Key
Former CPO at Mandiant and Founder of Verodin


Automated Protection

We do all the work beyond your perimeter and integrate with your existing security stack to drive prioritized and automated protections against the most commonly observed social engineering attacks, such as spear phishing, phishing, smishing, vishing, impersonation, and credential stuffing.


We reduce your operating costs associated with detection and response by reducing organizational risk and the number of cybersecurity incidents. We do it through prediction and prevention, delivering remediations that harden your human attack surface to prevent operational interruptions and security incidents that negatively impact your organization’s brand, reputation, and bottom line.


The human element is the source of most cybersecurity incidents. We identify high-value and highly accessible human targets and pathways to compromise, and we predict and break potential attack chains.


We prioritize threat intelligence and remediations by mapping them to your industry, people, and connected infrastructure. We focus on the threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures that exploit breach data and human vulnerabilities.

Force Multiplier

We increase cyber awareness and drive employee engagement by enabling learning through private and personalized human risk assessments and recommendations based on actual corporate and personal risk data. We deliver timely and targeted coaching via Slack and Teams for a frictionless experience.


We tailor a program based on your unique needs and evolve with the cybersecurity threat landscape to deliver continuous threat exposure reduction, targeted or at scale, to minimize human risk.


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Learn about the HASP Framework

Move beyond the traditional corporate perimeter to reduce human risk and proactively safeguard against cyber threats. The Human Attack Surface Protection Framework aligns with NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK® and was created with the contribution of cybersecurity experts from the public and private sectors.

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