Automated risk detection, prioritization, and mitigation

Human attack surface management for your Enterprise Employees Supply Chain |

Hackers scan your exposed employee, corporate, and 3rd party data looking for human targets and avenues of compromise. Picnic automatically assembles, analyzes, and flags this public data for risk, and gives security teams the means to prioritize defenses and prevent attacks.

Hackers are targeting employees to get in the door

The public data used to compromise your people and breach your organization lies outside the realm of traditional cybersecurity.

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92% of cyber attacks are specifically crafted from users’ public data.

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95% of cybersecurity breaches happen because of human error.

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90% of cyber attacks start
with a phishing email.

The Picnic Platform

Leverage predictive intelligence from external data to prevent human and organizational compromise.

Outside Perimeter: Human attack surface reduction, attacker reconnaissance and resource development disruption
Inside Perimeter: Identity protection and social engineering risk reduction
Supply Chain: Third party risk mitigation



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