Top startups of 2022

Picnic is excited to be featured on Startup to Follow's list of the top startups of 2022!

Check out their list of other innovative startups that are changing the world. As for us, we protect companies against all manner of human and organizational compromise by giving them the technological capability to preemptively address the source of the problem: the public data that threat actors leverage for social engineering and initial access. startups

Picnic continuously and automatically detects, prevents, and protects against social engineering risk. Our platform emulates attacker reconnaissance on the public data footprint of your organization and its people, automatically surfaces the pathways to compromise and probable human targets exposed by digital footprints, and provides users with the capability to preemptively neutralize vulnerabilities to prevent attacks.

The impact of minimizing an organization’s human attack surface is a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents. Security teams can make better use of their SOC analyst resources to respond more effectively to fewer problems.

Picnic is the first company to come upstream of the social engineering problem to tackle the root cause: the growing data footprint about each person online that hackers use to target and compromise their work and personal identities.

There has (until now) been no enterprise platform that gives users full visibility of the human attack surface beyond their firewall along with the capabilities to neutralize vulnerabilities. In contrast to traditional awareness training, employees using our platform can see the very real and specific risks that their exposed information poses to them personally and remediate them.

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