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What is Picnic?

Social engineering remains the top technique used by threat actors that leads to cybersecurity breaches worldwide, resulting in successful ransomware attacks, sabotage, compromised data, reputational damage, and financial losses.

Picnic offers a frictionless cybersecurity solution that mitigates the threat of social engineering by proactively disrupting attacker reconnaissance and resource exploitation, effectively reducing the human attack surface at an enterprise-wide scale.

Social engineering is a key and growing threat to industrial organizations and Picnic offers important innovations to help the community strengthen its defenses. Picnic’s team understands how threats perform reconnaissance and initial targeting against companies and has built a privacy-forward platform for organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Robert M. Lee

CEO at Dragos Inc.

Picnic delivers tangible benefits

Risk visibility

Delivers actionable and automated social engineering threat intelligence elegantly and comprehensively via dashboards, analytics, and corporate and individual risk scoring.

Identify the resources most at risk and see the human attack surface through the lens of the social engineer to identify high-value targets and pathways to compromise.

Risk reduction

Enterprise-wide human attack surface reduction via automatic alerts, threat prioritization, action recommendations, and remediation, enabling a fast response to take down or secure exploitable corporate and personal data everywhere.

Manage risk effectively by taking control of your organization’s OSINT exposure and empowering VIPs, employees, and supply chain contractors to do the same with their exposure.

Prediction & prevention

Attacker reconnaissance disruption by reducing the exposed corporate and individual OSINT footprint and making the organization an economically unviable target to attackers.

Eliminate target opportunities and attacker motives. Defend forward by preventing the compromise of users with Privileged Technical Access, wire fraud, credential stuffing, and identity theft, among other threats.


Helps reduce the mean times to threat detection and response across your organization by identifying and prioritizing high-value targets, pathways to compromise, and taking quick protective action.

Improve prediction and prevention by automating continuous risk detection for fewer active threats to detect and respond to.

Employee privacy & awareness

Improved VIP, employee, and contractor cybersecurity awareness by empowering individuals to manage their personal social engineering risk. Extends security awareness programs beyond training and evaluations by educating through active participation in improving the organization’s security posture.

Enable learning and aha moments through private and
personalized risk assessments and recommendations via CheckUp, Picnic’s employee-facing portal.


Reduced cybersecurity operational costs by minimizing the number of security incidents and positively impacting the organization’s security posture and overall cybersecurity program performance.

Reduce the operating costs of the cybersecurity program downstream by denying attackers the most attractive ingress vector to corporate and personal data and devices: the human operating system.

Picnic's platform

The enterprise-wide social engineering threat intelligence and risk mitigation portal

CISOs, CSOs, Threat Intelligence Teams, Insider Risk Teams, Red Teams, Purple Teams, SOC Teams, IAM Teams, and 3rd Party Risk Teams use the Picnic Platform to analyze and manage social engineering risk and take preventive measures. Picnic’s technology taps into over a thousand OSINT sources to automate risk analysis and deliver threat intelligence in near real-time. It is also a valuable tool for forensic analysis.

Unlock insights such as individuals more likely to be targeted, expected methods of attack and compromise, and most probable targets for impersonation.

Platform Capabilities
& Use Cases.

High-Value Target protection

Protect the human attack surface for executives, board members and employees with access to sensitive data.

Automate PII removal and digital footprint cleansing, advanced Red Team reconnaissance, threat mapping and prevention, personalized exposure reports, and personal exploitation protection for HVTs.

Automated credential stuffing protection

Prevent reuse throughout the organization of compromised corporate and personal passwords that could be used in credential stuffing attacks.

Automate detection of compromised credentials in the open, deep, and dark web and automatically prevent its utilization within the organization to protect against breaches.

Threat intelligence prioritization

Prioritize and mitigate targeted social engineering threats by combining external threat intelligence with human threat mapping.

Complete your visibility into your enterprise attack surface by including social engineering risk and use the lens of the attacker to prioritize mitigation and threat hunting for a more comprehensive and effective cybersecurity program.

Human attack surface reduction

Reduce the OSINT exposure of VIPs, employees, and contractors and provide breach data monitoring and neutralization, data broker visibility and remediation as well as social media operational security and privacy.

Insider risk

Gain access to new and detailed historical information about external data footprints to hunt threats, protect privileged users, define focus areas for analysis, and more quickly respond to and resolve incidents.

Third-party risk

Understand and remediate new and existing risks (e.g., Procurement, Accounts Payables, etc.). Automate continuous monitoring of third-party sensitive data exposure and suspicious domains and accounts.

Incident response

Gain full visibility of external vulnerabilities. Address the source of the majority of incidents proactively, resulting in fewer incidences. Picnic’s threat intelligence enables preemptive remediations against the latest attacker TTPs.

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Frequently asked questions

The name Picnic is derived from an old IT security acronym that stands for ‘problem in chair, not in computer.’ Since social engineering targets people in order to bypass technical controls, the company based its name on this saying but has reframed it with a positive spin as ‘Protection in the Chair, Not in the Computer.’

Picnic takes external attack surface protection programs to a whole new level by providing an enterprise-wide layer of prediction and prevention against socially engineered attacks that includes not only corporate domain and intellectual property information but also personal VIP, employee, and supply chain contractor’s OSINT-driven vulnerabilities.

By providing executives, employees, and vendors with visibility into pathways to compromise and their corporate risk scores related to their exposed personally identifiable information via an employee-facing Picnic portal, Picnic enables them to take proactive measures to minimize their online footprint and help reduce the organization’s human attack surface. With this web tool, organizations can turn what was once seen as the weakest links in their security strategy into proactive defenders against potential threats while raising awareness of the risks of social engineering attacks.

Administrators use a cloud-based centralized single pane of glass to automatically and proactively monitor the public web and social media, the dark web, data brokers, WHOIS domain databases, and other sources for indicators of compromise in near real-time. Through alerts and recommendations, as well as actively identifying pathways to compromise and risk prioritization, administrators can take remedial action. In conjunction with an employee-facing portal, it makes for a powerful combination that takes social engineering threat hunting, risk scoring, and mitigation beyond the confines of corporate data exposure and into the realms of employee and supply chain contractor PII.

Picnic does not require hardware deployments or installing software agents; only minimal corporate data and optional personal information are needed. Unlike other cybersecurity controls, it deploys without disrupting ongoing operations. The cloud-based solution delivers fast time-to-value, quickly reducing the number of attempted breaches and operational costs associated with responding to security incidents. 

Simply schedule a short demo and one of our intelligence and cybersecurity specialists will walk you through the features and benefits of Picnic for your organization. You can also contact us with any questions.

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