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Deny attackers the opportunity to leverage exposed enterprise data by responding quickly to breach data, improving social media OPSEC, and hardening your external attack surface

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Exposed enterprise data is a critical issue that arises when sensitive corporate information inadvertently or intentionally becomes accessible on the open, deep, or dark web. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, including human error, inadequate security measures, or targeted cyberattacks. The increasing prevalence of data exposure incidents underscores the importance of a robust cybersecurity solution that can effectively neutralize these threats. By using Picnic to effectively identify and neutralize the risks associated with exposed enterprise data, organizations can bolster their overall security posture and resilience.

Picnic employs a multi-faceted approach that encompasses open, deep, and dark web monitoring to identify and mitigate potential risks. It works by identifying and monitoring corporate data exposure, ensuring that organizations stay informed about any potential leaks of sensitive information, and neutralizing risky data. The solution’s capabilities and services extend to exposed company infrastructure identification, open port discovery, and open bucket monitoring, which helps organizations identify and address weak points in their external attack surface.

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