Your digital footprint should be an asset, not a liability for your organization


Picnic protects your digital life – personal and professional – and that of your family. Our proprietary technology proactively and continuously identifies, analyzes, and remediates exposed personal data to make you harder to attack. We wield these superpowers on your behalf – there is no work for you to do.

Social Engineering

The #1 Industry Challenge
People are the root cause of most cyber attacks, yet mature organizations spend, on average, more than $3M a year on security controls and still fail to solve the “people risk” problem. Unfortunately, most organizations rely on training as their primary defense against cyber attacks targeting people. Data consistently show that training does not work – it is merely a “check the box” exercise that wastes time and money.

Some sources of spending that ineffectively target human risk include:
Social Engineering

Picnic turns you into a digital ghost

with active protection for you and your family

Picnic DRPS

Balancing the need to publicly represent your brand vs. limiting available information to cybercriminals can be challenging for you and your security team. Threat actors do not discriminate between personal and work identities when planning an attack against an organization. As a result, right-sizing the digital footprint of the executive team means continuously identifying and removing unwanted and unnecessary information available in the wild that social engineers exploit for their attacks. Picnic continuously identifies, analyzes, prioritizes, and remediates human risk, so you don’t have to.

Threat exposure protection by Picnic

Monetizing the impact

Measuring return on investment in cybersecurity is unrealistic. Cybersecurity is not a profit center, nor is it a silver bullet. Yet, estimating how many dollars are protected for each dollar invested in cybersecurity is possible. Preventing financial loss with Picnic looks like this:

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