Brilliance Security Podcast – S4E20

The Role of OSINT in social engineering and how to manage your human attack surface

Picnic CEO Matt Polak recently joined award-winning journalist Steven Bowcut of the Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast to discuss the role of OSINT in social engineering and how to manage your human attack surface.

Check out the episode to hear about what information hackers look for when they are planning an attack and how organizations can use OSINT to protect their people and systems. 

“The whole point of hardened infrastructure is to only allow trusted identities through. So the threat actor’s goal is to use social engineering to get access to that identity so they can use it to bypass all the controls and infrastructure that organizations have spent a lot of money and a lot of time putting in place to try to prevent nefarious activity.” 

“I think the number one thing that people should remember is that every single one of these attacks starts with research and by just trying to think about the world that way, you can shift the ability of the attacker and make it much harder for them to come after you. If you don’t know anything about me, or if you only know certain things about me and those aren’t useful to you as an attacker, you’re gonna go find someone else who is easier to go after or another organization that is easier to go after.”  Picnic CEO Matt Polak

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