Improving the SOC team’s posture against social engineering attacks

SANS Cyber Solutions Fest ’22 Webinar with Jim Somborovich, Cybersecurity Leader and Veteran (USMC)

SOC teams have historically not had adequate visibility of the public data footprint of their organization and its people beyond the firewall. This lack of visibility, along with the lack of any effective means to address potential avenues of compromise that the data would reveal to an attacker, has left a critical blind spot when it comes to defending against social engineering attacks, all of which are crafted from a target’s OSINT footprint.

Our SANS presentation will discuss how SOC teams can use Picnic’s technology to have near full visibility beyond their perimeter, reveal the likely pathways and human targets for social engineering campaigns, preemptively neutralize vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, and continuously monitor for changes and new threats.

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