Managing the human attack surface of critical infrastructure: Social engineering tactics and defense

Webinar with Robert M. Lee, Dragos Founder and CEO

As traditional infrastructure has become sufficiently hardened, hackers have turned to human-hacking, or social engineering–the practice of manipulating people to get them to perform a desired action–in order to bypass security controls. It is how threat actors gain initial access now in virtually every case. But before the person in the chair is even targeted, hackers always begin with reconnaissance of public data, known as OSINT, or Open-Source Intelligence. Today, 92% of cyber-attacks are specifically crafted from users’ OSINT.

In this webinar, we discuss how hackers conduct OSINT recon, choose human targets and craft social engineering campaigns, and how organizations can assess and reduce their human attack surface. Join us to learn how seeing your organization’s OSINT footprint from the perspective of an attacker is critical for defense, and how you can proactively neutralize vulnerabilities in your human perimeter to stop attacks before they happen.

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