RedTeam Raw, Episode #4: Dhruv Bisani on his journey to becoming the Head of Red Teaming at a UK Cyber Security Consultancy

In the fourth episode of RedTeam Raw, Picnic’s Director of Global Intelligence, Manit Sahib, sits down with Dhruv Bisani, the Head of Red Teaming at a leading UK Consultancy, Eurofins Cyber Security (AKA Commissum).

Dhruv Bisiani talks through his day in the life of a Covert Ethical Hacker (Red Teamer), maintaining good Operational Security to fly under the radar and go undetected (OPSEC), some Red Team war stories, breaking into a Zero Trust environment, Phishing & leveraging Social Engineering. We also run through tips for those looking to get into Cyber Security, the difference between the Red Teaming and Penetration Testing (commonly confused) and the evolution and increase of Purple Teaming and Threat Intelligence.

We explore Dhruv Bisani’s journey of being an international employee (and its challenges and misconceptions), gaining a VISA and sponsorship to work in the UK for a big 4 consultancy PwC, the value of CREST Certifications, CCT APP, CCT INF, CCSAS, CSSAM, and becoming the Red Team Lead for Eurofins Cyber Security. We also explore challenges in the work environment and how to deal with them.

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