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Improve training results by teaching people to recognize threats that are relevant to them

The first generation of awareness training and phishing simulations has created a strong base for improvement using newer technologies. Social engineers using generative AI will quickly surpass legacy training solutions’ ability to educate employees. 

Picnic’s human attack surface management platform enables forward-thinking awareness leaders to leverage the same tools used by threat actors to coach employees about cyber risk using the most powerful tool: real information about each employee that is also used by threat actors.

Picnic goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional awareness platforms by providing tailored awareness training content and advanced spear-phishing simulations that are threat-informed, data-driven, and based on actual employee behavior and risk. Their automated threat modeling and predictive external intelligence involving the human element drives training prioritization and makes existing investments in awareness, intelligence, and SIEM more effective.
Matt Polak
CEO, Picnic

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Tailored cyber awareness training prioritization

Avoid “spraying and praying” cyber awareness training, deliver relevant education, and increase engagement with your current cyber awareness training investment.

Spearphishing simulation & mitigation

Enhance spearphishing simulations by targeting HVTs and individuals most at risk, and by leveraging real-time risk assessments and remediation guidance.

SMS attack & phishing risk neutralization

Tackle smishing and phishing risk comprehensively before attacks even happen by reducing the human attack surface and addressing exposed data.

Impersonation attack prevention

Proactively prevent impersonation attacks against your employees and your company.

Deny attackers the opportunities to impersonate employees and trusted third parties in order to gain a foothold inside your organization’s infrastructure and steal data and assets.

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