On-Demand Webinars

Social Engineering: Challenges and Solutions in Enterprise Cybersecurity

In this webinar, Picnic CEO Matt Polak talks with Jim Routh, a former CSO and CISO, and current board member, advisor, and investor about the problem of social engineering for enterprises, traditional approaches and difficulties for security professionals in protecting against social engineering attacks, and the technological capabilities needed to detect and prevent them before they happen.

Improving the SOC Team’s Posture Against Social Engineering Attacks

Learn how SOC teams can use Picnic’s technology to see beyond their perimeter, expose the likely pathways and human targets for social engineering attacks, preemptively neutralize vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor for new risks. 

Know Your Attack Surface From The Outside In

In this SANS First Look webinar, Picnic CEO Matt Polak and SANS Instructor Jeff Lomas look at how enterprises can neutralize vulnerabilities in their OSINT footprint, reduce their attack surface, and automate continuous risk detection.

Managing the Human Attack Surface of Critical Infrastructure

Picnic CEO Matt Polak and Dragos Inc. CEO Robert M. Lee discuss how threats conduct reconnaissance and how organizations can reduce their human attack surface to prevent social engineering attacks.

Social engineering TTPs and preemptive visualization

Preemptive Visualization and Neutralization of Social Engineering Pathways

More than 90% of all cyberattacks start with social engineering campaigns which are specifically crafted from users’ OSINT. During this SANS session, we will explore how APT actors are successfully using social engineering and how they are developing their TTPs over time.