Threat Intelligence

Security teams have limited to no visibility of essential external data that could otherwise be leveraged for more complete and effective threat intelligence.

Threat Intelligence helps defenders understand attacker motivations and behaviors so they can improve defenses and reduce Mean Time to Detect/Discover (MTTD). Threat Intelligence is, by definition, focused on the threat actors. However, threat actors are focused on their targets. Your organization’s attack surface is where the opportunity for attack and compromise takes root.

Picnic looks at your organization as an attacker would so you can understand your most likely human targets and avenues of attack, which can be matched up with current threat intelligence to provide a more complete picture of an attack before it happens.

How Picnic helps your team

Picnic leverages external intelligence, exposes OSINT vulnerabilities and human targets, and automates personal threat intelligence and remediation for employees. The Picnic platform makes threat intelligence more actionable by prioritizing paths of attack and compromise for your organization.

Platform capabilities

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