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Cybersecurity awareness training is a crucial component of any organization’s security strategy, as human error continues to be a leading cause of data breaches and security incidents. Almost 90% of data breaches are typically attributed to human error or behavior, emphasizing the need for employees to be well-versed in cybersecurity best practices. On average, almost half of employees make mistakes that lead to cybersecurity incidents. To address this pressing issue, organizations must invest in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that help prioritize and tailor their current cybersecurity awareness training investment for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Picnic helps prioritize cybersecurity awareness training by leveraging its advanced capabilities to identify areas of highest risk and enable tailored training content. By analyzing employees’ digital footprints, as well as their roles and access to sensitive information, the solution can determine which employees are most at risk of being targeted by advanced social engineering and thus require more in-depth training. This targeted approach enables organizations to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that employees receive training that is relevant and valuable to their specific roles and responsibilities. Through this targeted and data-driven approach, Picnic helps organizations improve their cybersecurity awareness training program, ultimately reducing the risk of human error and strengthening the organization’s overall security posture.

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