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Detect attacker infrastructure before it can be used in social engineering attacks against your digital VIPs, their immediate network, or an entire workforce

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Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, with attackers employing increasingly sophisticated methods to target businesses and individuals. One such method involves the use of lookalike domains and accounts that impersonate your company, one of your employees, or a trusted third-party. This infrastructure is leveraged for social engineering and credential harvesting attacks, malware distribution, and other malicious activities. 

The prevalence of this threat underscores the need for a robust cybersecurity solution capable of detecting suspicious domains and accounts to preempt attacks.

Picnic’s capabilities and services work in tandem to detect suspicious domains and accounts and mitigate their risk. Picnic’s platform provides the automated and continuous detection of suspicious domains and accounts necessary to preemptively block attacker infrastructure before it can be leveraged in an attack. 

The solution’s email anti-spoofing and business email compromise protection services guard against fraudulent emails and phishing attempts, proactively defending from potential attacks. To further enhance security, the solution extends the protection beyond the organization’s immediate boundaries by including the supply chain infrastructure and the immediate network of high-value targets.

By leveraging these advanced capabilities, the cybersecurity solution effectively detects and neutralizes threats posed by suspicious domains and accounts, fostering a more secure digital environment for businesses and individuals alike.

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