Spearphishing simulation and mitigation

Enhance spearphishing simulations by targeting HVTs and individuals most at risk, and by leveraging real-time risk assessments and remediation guidance

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Spearphishing attacks are increasingly prevalent, with cybercriminals crafting highly targeted and personalized messages to deceive recipients into divulging sensitive information or executing malicious actions. A 2021 study by Barracuda Networks found that spearphishing attacks increased by 667% compared to the previous year, demonstrating the growing risk this attack vector poses to organizations and individuals alike. Given this concerning trend, it’s essential to invest in advanced cybersecurity solutions that not only detect and mitigate spearphishing attacks but also educate users to recognize and respond to these threats proactively.

Picnic helps combat spearphishing attacks by employing a multi-faceted approach that proactively addresses an organization’s human attack surface to enhance its security posture.

By identifying high-value and high-risk employees within the platform, the solution enables targeted and efficient risk management. Ongoing monitoring of employee digital footprints helps identify and neutralize potential vulnerabilities and threats, while customized Executive Exposure Reports provide decision-makers with detailed information on social engineering risks and mitigation steps. Red Team reconnaissance offers in-depth analysis of social engineering attack vectors and supports organizations in the remediation process.

A key component of the solution is an advanced smishing and phishing simulator, which leverages actual data-driven user risk to train employees to recognize and respond to spearphishing attacks effectively, ultimately reducing the likelihood of successful cyberattacks.

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