Picnic’s Social Engineering Assessment

for the Inevitable

  • Your enterprise’s OSINT footprint analyzed by professional social engineers…
  • Personalized threat modeling and attack campaigns based on your data…
  • Expert guidance and remediation for hardened defenses…

As traditional cyber security has become increasingly more effective, hackers have turned to social engineering as their primary means of getting around hardened infrastructure and gaining access to privileged systems. Over 90% of breaches now happen this way.

Picnic’s social engineering assessment simulates attacker recon of your public data footprint, identifies exposed information likely to be used against you in a social engineering attack, and provides remediation steps to prevent such attacks.

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Prepare for future challenges


Red Team OSINT reconnaissance of targeted organization and high-value individuals

Picnic uses a team of highly skilled social engineers to conduct Open-Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) to gather publicly available data on your organization, processes, and employees—exactly as an attacker would.


Exposed data paired with adversary TTPs

Our team identifies exposed data that could lead to compromise and creates three attack paths along with social engineering campaigns that simulate what an attacker in your sector would do with your information in order to gain initial access.


Executive summary report, detailed findings, visual threat model, remediation steps, expert Red Teamer debrief

With a full report of the findings of our assessment, clients gain awareness of how an attacker views their public footprint and how they are vulnerable. Recommended steps are provided to harden external exposure from an organizational and individual perspective along with a Q&A session with one of our expert Red Teamers.