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Proactively protect hard-won reputational halos for your organization and your leadership

Reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy. An organization’s reputation is its most valuable asset, creating trust with the market across customers, employees, partners, regulators, lenders, and shareholders. 

The reputation of key employees is often synonymous with corporate reputation, making impersonation of key employees one of the most critical risks to identify and diffuse. Picnic detects these risks to proactively defend against new and emerging threats to your organization’s reputation and that of your executive team.

Most organizations lack the capability to analyze and measure the risk posed by exposed data tied to the human element. It is not surprising that this is both the single largest source of breaches and the biggest security gap companies have. Picnic provides the automated monitoring, analysis, and proactive remediation required to fill the defense gap and allow companies to effectively address this problem.
Henry Ristuccia
Former Deloitte Governance, Risk and Compliance Leader

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High-Value Target protection

Protect the human attack surface for executives, board members and employees with access to sensitive data.

Automate PII removal and digital footprint cleansing, advanced Red Team reconnaissance, threat mapping and prevention, personalized exposure reports, and personal exploitation protection for HVTs.

Automated credential stuffing protection

Prevent reuse throughout the organization of compromised corporate and personal passwords that could be used in credential stuffing attacks.

Automate detection of compromised credentials in the open, deep, and dark web and automatically prevent its utilization within the organization to protect against breaches.

Human Attack Surface Management

Prioritize and mitigate corporate and individual risk at scale by combining external threat intelligence with human risk mapping.

Complete your visibility into your enterprise attack surface by including the human attack surface and use the lens of the attacker to prioritize mitigation and threat hunting for a more comprehensive and effective cybersecurity program.

Impersonation attack prevention

Proactively prevent impersonation attacks against your employees and your company.

Deny attackers the opportunities to impersonate employees and trusted third parties in order to gain a foothold inside your organization’s infrastructure and steal data and assets.


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