Picnic Integration


Supercharge existing security tools by making them predictive via API integration with Picnic. We supply predictive intelligence to relevant internal or external 3rd- party applications via Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces (REST APIs) with key information for automated, end-to-end actions that power different security measures.

Key integrations for enterprise security teams

SOC Team

  • Threat Intelligence: Make threat intelligence more actionable by prioritizing paths of attack and compromise for your organization.
  • Threat Hunting: Access new and detailed historical information about external data footprints to hunt threats and more quickly respond to and resolve incidents.

Identity Team

  • Credential Compromise: Leverage Picnic’s holistic identity intelligence to stop credential compromise attacks that rely on both work and personal account credentials. 
  • Privileged User Identity and Access Management: Add an additional layer of protection to privileged users by connecting external activities to internal access.

Insider Threat Team

  • Picnic’s external behavioral data makes internal UBA/UEBA programs more effective by focusing human analyst time on more probable insider threats. 

Security Awareness Team

  • Leverage more relevant content in your security awareness training that is based in actual behavior and risk.