Human Attack Surface Reduction

Employees are the biggest threat to enterprises and are constantly under attack via social engineering campaigns crafted from publicly available data. This is a heavy burden for security teams who have adopted a "concede compromise" stance–reacting to attacks vs. preemptively preventing attacks.

Security teams have no visibility of employee OSINT exposure or social engineering pathways to compromise and no awareness of attacker infrastructure or accounts until it is too late.

Cybersecurity budget is being invested in training and phishing prevention only, without addressing and reducing the human attack surface.

How Picnic helps your team

Picnic reduces the OSINT exposure of VIPs, employees, and contractors and provides breach data monitoring and neutralization, data broker visibility and remediation as well as social media operational security and privacy.

Platform capabilities

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Move beyond the corporate perimeter to reduce human risk and proactively safeguard against cyber threats.

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