Human Attack Surface Management

Different industries face different threat actors that leverage different TTPs. Because each organization's human attack surface footprint is unique, TTPs used by threat actors vary, as does the impact they have on organizations. In this context, mapping threat and target intelligence to human risk and delivering prioritized and automated remediations is the key to a resilient cyber defense.

How Picnic helps your team

Human vulnerabilities create risks to infrastructure and data, which impacts operational, legal, financial, and reputational risks. Picnic prioritizes the vulnerabilities by mapping them to external threat intelligence and target intelligence. We then mitigate these risks with automatic protection and response remediations.

The solution uses predictive data science and curated threat intelligence to uncover individual and corporate risks and predict the most likely pathways of compromise based on threat actors, their TTPs, and their target industries. With Picnic, your team is equipped with data-backed decision-making: relevant risk prioritization, relevant remediations, and predictive risk reduction.

Prioritizing threat intelligence

Picnic continuously collects and analyzes threat intelligence on threat actors active in your industry, and maps it to human risk and external infrastructure vulnerabilities it discovers in your organization through OSINT and red team reconnaissance. It uses the lens of the attacker to predict the likelihood of your organization to be facing these threats and measures the severity and impact of potential attacks.

Assessing human risk

Executives, employees, and supply chain contractors with privileged technical and financial access are typically high-value targets flagged as such in the platform. High-risk employees are those that are highly accessible online and susceptible to social engineering attacks regardless of their perceived value to attackers. Picnic’s security risk scoring algorithm creates a scorecard per individual that includes multiple value and accessibility attributes.

Prioritizing remediations

After obtaining the holistic view of organizational risk from the attacker’s lens, Picnic gauges the impact of remediations and the difficulty in implementing them to determine prioritization and deliver relevant remediations through a combination of automation and managed services. Picnic enables you to effectively reduce the human attack surface and lower your organization’s exposure to social engineering, phishing, credential stuffing, ransomware, and more.

Automating protection

Picnic’s managed services team works to take down suspicious domains and accounts, clean up digital footprints of high value targets, improve social media OPSEC, identify moonlighting and other insider threats, and conduct data broker takedown requests. To further improve your organization’s security posture, Picnic can integrate with your SOAR, SIEM, IdP, and other platforms to automatically drive prioritized risk remediations against TTPs that prey on human vulnerabilities. 

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