Picnic’s Command Center

Picnic has
reverse-engineered threat actor reconnaissance

Every social engineering attack starts with research into a company’s business, people, and supply chain. Picnic mimics hacker recon, giving security teams the lens of the social engineer and with it an enterprise-wide view of their company’s data vulnerabilities.

Unlock new insights

Most likely individuals to be targeted via social engineering

Most likely methods of attack and compromise targeting your people

Most likely targets of impersonation

With this powerful tool, security teams can:

  • Automatically reduce the digital footprint of an entire population of users
  • Track progress over time and leverage quantitative industry and peer comparisons
  • Drive automated actions such as risk-based authentication step-up for at-risk user populations
  • Define focus areas for human analysts responsible for insider threat and similar UBA programs
  • Evaluate inorganic growth opportunities (M&A) for social engineering and related risk elements