The story behind Picnic

The world digitized faster than society imagined

For decades, the promise of big data was on the horizon as a means to make sense out of our digital chaos

The big data wave crested and crashed: there is more data at the fingertips of any human than anytime in history – all you need is a smartphone and the internet. While there are many positives associated with such rapid innovation, a dangerous current cuts through our online world: hackers also use big data tools to make cents from the digital chaos.

Until now, the cybersecurity industry has done what it knows how to do best: harden infrastructure

By locking hackers out of systems, traditional cybersecurity vendors tried to stem the tide of attacks. We are at an inflection point: further hardening of infrastructure is a losing battle, because hackers know that they only need to trick a human to defeat the most powerful technical solutions.

The Human Operating System is fallible

Love, fear, curiosity, and other emotions present potential ways that we can be manipulated, and personal information about each of us tells hackers what our passions and concerns are. This fundamental situation is the reason the social engineering problem is so challenging to resolve, and has remained such a threat.

Securing the Human OS

Recognizing that our own data trails are being used against us, and that humans are vulnerable to exploitation, Picnic’s founders realized that the solution to the social engineering problem – the way to protect people from those who would use their information against them – is to think like a hacker, to focus on harnessing the power of information for good, and to provide people with the technological means to reduce their visibility and accessibility to social engineers by controlling their data footprint. Our team was built to achieve this.

Meet the team

Matt Polak

Chief Executive Officer

Matt is a subject matter expert in intelligence collection, having spent his career applying these skills to intractable growth and competitive strategy challenges for Fortune 500 customers. Matt’s extensive experience and expertise in the field of human intelligence inspired Picnic’s creation as a means to protect people from open-source intelligence gathering by hackers.

Prior to founding Picnic, he was the founding partner of BroadBranch Advisors where he directly supported over $200B of successful M&A transactions in over a dozen industries ranging from cybersecurity to life sciences. Early career roles included working in investment banking and as an intelligence analyst. Matt holds dual MBAs from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile). He received his BA in International Affairs from James Madison University.

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  • Michael Hans

    VP of Engineering

    Michael is responsible for all Engineering and Data Science at Picnic. Before Picnic, Michael was VP of Engineering at IronNet Cybersecurity and Director of Engineering at Socially Determined with years of public and private sector product development.

  • Troy Roberts

    VP of Sales

    Troy Roberts is a proven sales leader with over twenty years of experience and expertise in enterprise software, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. He is a committed “servant leader” who is passionate about elevating the performance of his teams and enabling them to achieve exceptional results.

  • Ben Andreas

    Director of Sales

    Ben leads Picnic’s Sales team with a focus on customer-centric relationship building and collaboration. He brings over 15 years of experience partnering with both private and public enterprise organizations to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Ben has previously held leadership positions with XTec Inc, Intercede, and EMC (RSA).

  • Manit Sahib

    Director of Global Intelligence

    Manit is a Certified Red Teamer and Expert Social Engineer. Formerly Head of Red Teaming for the UK’s central bank, Manit now leads Picnic’s Global Intelligence function, building the attacker mindset and techniques into the Picnic product line.

  • Marco Gomez

    Chief of Staff

    With over 10 years of experience solving challenges across the private, public, and non-profit sectors, Marco is a strategy consultant at heart with a deep interest and expertise in technology, data, and cybersecurity.

  • Sara Trammell

    Director of Marketing

    Sara is an award-winning marketing leader with over 15 years of experience fusing strategy, technology, and creativity to help leading organizations in the commercial, professional services, and agency spaces forge and amplify their brands in the marketplace, with a focus on driving growth and delivering quantifiable results for clients.


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